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Update. This happened two days ago, the group is acting like it happened now. Trying to stir things up.s are This is from a nationwide BLM chat. I have no knowledge about what the police are saying about the incident. Sht currently hitting fan

Police just killed another unarmed black man and his 7 year old baby in Washington DC, while the man was driving to buy something, this is what the media isn't showing to you.

BLM is organizing nationwide Protests in each city!!!

Join the Revolution and defund all Police Stations!!! This is a nationwide call!! We are fighting a tough Battle, but we won't step back!!!! Join all!!!!! Go to the streets, innocent black people are dying and the police is making up stuff!!! Go to the streets and call it out loud: WE WANT JUSTICE!!! WE ARE NO SLAVES!!!!!!
This is just the beginning... It's going to be bigger than 2020..
Washington, Philadelphia, New York, Charlotte, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Seattle and Portland are following.

Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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