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No question of the day 4/12/21

Posting with a heavy heart today. I've spent a lot of time in this neighborhood. I used to love the mall not far from here. If you haven't read already, a Plymouth, MN police woman discharged her weapon at a 20 year old black male while he was apparently fleeing in a vehicle. He crashed into another vehicle in Brooklyn Center, MN. I haven't seen anything that would leave me to believe that the officer was justified. Protestors came from all over to this residential neighborhood. It's a lower income neighborhood that's pretty mixed racially. It looked like a warzone. The police woman has been doxxed (by someone I grew up with). I've heard unconfirmed rumors that this woman has committed suicide. There was looting at the Walmart and surrounding businesses where the Brookdale mall once stood. AntiFa groups are calling for more bodies in black bloc and that call has gone nationwide. These things are not justice. I condemn all violence to persons, property, while still supporting reforms. I refuse to paint police with broad brush and support the right to peacefully protest at the same time. I'll post more information as the day goes on.

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