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Question of the day 2/17/21:

Do you think we'll see any policy changes (new policy proposals, not ones that have been in the works) that will positively impact our power grid going forward to avoid situations like the one we're in now?

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Archangel Intelligence Mid-Day Brief

• The Idaho National Lab has officially confirmed that there was no emergency at the site. This confirmation comes in response to reports circulating on social media showing white plumes of smoke or steam rising from the chimney stacks. The INL and the Fire Department has issued a statement to reassure the public, explicitly stating that there is currently no emergency and no fire on the site. Furthermore explained that this occurrence is entirely normal; it's a natural part of the reactor's operation, as it generates steam as part of its regular processes.

• Biden's DHS has a secret program allowing illegal migrants to choose from 43 U.S. cities via an app, purchase airline tickets, and arrive discreetly on "ghost flights" directly from their native countries.

Over 210,000 foreign nationals have been processed since January via the CBP One app.

• Video: A KCAL News investigation, which revealed dangerous and toxic conditions at several Metro stations across Los Angeles County, ...

This was supposed to be the mid day brief. I couldn't get a connection: Archangel Intelligence Evening Brief

• Germany will provide Ukraine with a military aid package worth 400 million euros

The aid will include armored vehicles, demining systems and ammunition, the country's Defense Minister Pistorius said in an interview with Bild.

• The Iraqi government is set to build a 600-Kilometer concrete wall on the Syrian-Iraqi border to reinforce security. Trying to make Iraq great again.

• Video: The Chinese Foreign Ministry summoned the German ambassador because of German Foreign Minister Baerbock’s calling Xi Jinping a “dictator" live on Fox News.

Tradecraft Education: Cover identity
Archangel Intelligence Evening Brief

• Here's the main story I wanted to draw your attention to: As of September 14, 2023, the Biden administration EPA has already spent $2,892,770 on these items, which is 143 percent more than what was spent during the entire Trump administration," Sen. Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa), ranking member of the Senate Budget Committee, disclosed in an oversight letter sent last week to the agency and obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The climate agency’s spending spree on guns, ammunition, and advanced tactical equipment is the subject of an oversight probe helmed by Grassley, who described the EPA’s militarization as "frightening." The congressional investigation comes just months after a watchdog group found that non-law enforcement agencies in the federal government, such as the EPA and Internal Revenue Service, have spent nearly $4 billion in taxpayer funds since 2006 stockpiling all manner of guns, ammunition, and "military-style equipment."


OSINT Friday

Today's OSINT tool is USA data search. Type in a first and last name. There's an incredible amount of data here.

I've been making a lot of intelligence related content for social media. It doesn't make sense not to put it there.

We will be starting a new "Tradecraft Education" playlist for members and reposting it from time to time. Remember, we also have an OSINT tools playlist available on demand. If you would like to add to either of these playlists, please let me know. Any full member can post anything at any time. We want this group to provide maximum value at a minimum price.

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