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I've looked into this history quite a bit. Everything this guy is saying checks out

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Archangel Intelligence Commentary

Be warned, this is a bit difficult to watch, but violent crime among teens and preteens is skyrocketing all across the Western world. I think we point to mental health and public policy, but I think it's getting harder to argue that we don't have a spiritual problem. This video is was taken of the arrest of a 12-year-old girl after she stabbed her 9-year-,old brother to death. She continually claims that she doesn't know what happened. She may have experienced a psychotic episode, or something more demonic, but I'd be inclined to believe it was both at the same time. What do you think?

Archangel Intelligence 9 AM Brief

• Video: A catastrophic train derailment has occurred near the Crowfoot Ferry near Bassano, Alberta, Canada.

• the non-partisan Transparency Foundation gives California a failing grade on election integrity and declares “from its failure to maintain accurate voter registration lists to its refusal to verify the identity and eligibility of voters, California by far has the worst election practices in the nation.”

• An undercover sting in Las Vegas led to the arrest of 14 child predators.

Archangel Intelligence Evening Brief

• Video: This has no intelligence value other than to reiterate how important situational awareness is and to pay attention when you're driving. Video shows a Georgia woman, distracted while driving, as her car flys through the air after launching off the ramp of a tow truck

Archangel Intelligence Mid-Day Brief


Trump is facing 37 felony charges related to the mishandling of classified documents.

An indictment unsealed Friday also alleges that he described a Pentagon “plan of attack” and shared a classified map related to a military operation.

The document marks the Justice Department’s first official confirmation of a criminal case against Trump arising from the retention of hundreds of documents at his Florida home, Mar-a-Lago.

Archangel Intelligence Mid-Morning Brief

Former president and announced 2024 candidate Donald Trump may face up to 8 years in federal prison if indicted and found guilty of mishandling classified information. Indictments are also expected related to January 6th and the Espionage Act. Is all of this politically motivated? Is this a tactic to tie Trump up for the 2024 election?

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